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This page is (roughly) sorted by age group. Even I have a limit on subcategorizing, and it stops just short of isolating core differences between receiving blankets, crib blankets, play mats and so on. Not that I've made any of those.

On this page:


Simple cables. I think this was the second gift baby sweater I knit, ~1981.

   Kara's Sweater

The first of the needlework produced by my own preggers-hormones, & my first zipper in anything knitted.

Baby Bag

I put Mik's pullover in the dryer, and...


(Just kidding, Mik's sweater never met the dryer -
I designed-down the pattern to size 6 months.)

I fell in love with the first Pingouin pattern book I ever got my hands on, and this layette made me
learn Fair Isle.

    Fair Isle set  (from Pingouin Layette no. 60)

Gabriela's Jacket
Another delight from the Pingouin layette. The baby was likely to have strong coloring (dark hair,
pink cheeks) and was due near Valentine's day.


Spiral Flag Baby Hat
Post-9/11, for a newborn.


Sweater set, from Paton's pamphlet #538 EE, Sweet Country Baby, for a friend's baby shower:

  Ready for the white stuff

Back then, I would've dressed her to run the mitts' string inside the sweater. Now, I'd go with mitten clips.

Bib Overalls - that same Pingouin layette, in a larger size.

The Ali Baba Hat is always a hit (from Paton's pamphlet #98 CC, Family Headwear & Scarves),
especially when Dad doesn't put it on backwards.


AGES 3-6

Nicole's mom liked the "Sweet Country Baby" set so much that she
commissioned this oeuvre (from Vogue Knitting magazine's
2001 special kids' ish, I think):

Elf (they love it)

Horsie Redux
Nicole, the tot in question, was adamant that her newest sweater have a horsie on it. The first one fit for a while.... But it eventually passed to Nicole's 'American Girl' doll, so they ordered another: horsie redux.

Yoke design from Collection of Ginger Originals by Ginger Bladen; carousel horsie and hat are all mine!

I'm still using up layette yarn here! From Paton's pamphlet #7110, Pre-School Fashions for Sizes 1-6.

   P-town Fair Isle

Leah's Jumper

AGES 7-12

Paper Dolls
Mom gave me the machine-knit sweater; Alex went crazy for it and insisted I knit one for her.

I churned out Aran iterations
for years, including this
all-honeycomb number :-I

The Paige Jacket

When I worked at the Want Ad, a friend and coworker asked whether I ever took on custom knitting projects. Generally speaking, no: the consensus among knitters is to charge three times the cost of the yarn, which often seems exorbitant to the client and break-even to the knitter.

Barbara's project was intriguing, though. Her niece, Paige, had outgrown a favorite machine-knitted jacket and was inconsolable. Barbara was hoping I could look at the size 4 jacket...

...and recreate it in size 8! In purple!

I took several more pictures, against the lovely backdrop of the (clean!) ladies' room floor, and hit the books and graph paper. It took a while to find one line of yarn available in 4 compatible shades of purple, but WEBS had what I needed: Plymouth Encore Worsted. It's 75% wool, 25% acrylic, and it's machine washable - important in a child's garment!

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