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I haven't knit nearly enough for my cats, but here are a couple of items that were fun and fairly easy. On this page:

Camille Claims the Cat Mats



Camille photos © P. Oakley 2003

The day before we shipped them to Camille, Veto demonstrated the proper use of mats:

The burnt-sienna mat is Lion Brand Homespun, in the color Mission. I'll double-check on the natural; my list says Candide Aran, but I usually hoard Candide! It may be an acrylic "Aran" color.

Here's the prototype,
in Homespun
(color Waterfall).

I got the herringbone pattern from a Knitters magazine, I think (on a cardigan) and worked it horizontally, probably until the skein was used up. Camille's Aran mat was done vertically, just for a change of pace.

The Herd (my cats) aren't always as well-behaved as Veto in the above shots.... I swear this is how
I found the mats the next morning.


Stuffed with cotton batting and catnip, and sometimes a jingle bell.  Or wax paper.

The letters on the dark green mouse say "D'Ni" (pronounced Dunny). D'Ni is a former feral who's now a happy inside-only cat. She's shy, so she doesn't come out for events involving a camera. But that's her mouse.


These Soviet mice were knit for my close feline friends, Boris Badanov and Natasha Nogoodnik. Naturally, they each sport a hammer and sickle. They've since been named; Renee is on the left, Denise on the right.


I thought that Boris and Natasha might like more mice, so I made little doppelgangers. I'm told that they look quite a bit like the cats (Natasha is all black except for her white locket).

Mom has a Siamese, so... here's the mouse, and a shot of Auntie Lulu claiming ownership.


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