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This page is also a WIP; new text arriving daily! In the meantime, there are sweaters, a poncho and a shawl here in adult sizes. Hats, etc. will be on the Mrs. Slocombe page, a/k/a Accessories.

On this page:


I guess we can start off with hats.




The Swatt






No really, this started out as a hat but apparently bumped into the wrong ectoplasm somewhere, because it grew arms. And, disturbingly, a hood.








    Mik's Aran

Reynolds Candide, Directions #17 and #19. Obviously Mik's sweater was an early effort; note "decorative airflow eyelets" at neckline.  Horns and LED headband sold separately :-)

I'd done one for myself first. It was identical to Mik's, except that it marked my first departure from a published pattern. I'd extended the neck rib into a turtleneck, and it worked!

Until I wore the damn thing and thought I'd die of the heat.

the original

Yes! I'm a Virgo!

Why do you ask?

Then I put Mik's in the dryer, and... the result is on the Kids page =8-O

I churned out Aran iterations for years.

Global Vest

I graphed the continents from scratch and slapped 'em on a generic v-neck vest. My cousin saw it and wanted one. Hers is up to the armhole ribbing--and holding, for about 15 years now....


(Intarsia in the round. Did I mention I hate circular needles?)

I surprised "The Old Dragon" with a sweater mostly of my own devising. It's in Patons' Fil d'Ecosse, mercerized cotton with a lovely sheen.

The dragon, designed by Nicky Epstein, is quite culturally diversified in this incarnation.  His yarn is from Canada (its French name means "Scotland yarn") and he's worked in a Japanese motif intended for a Christmas stocking :-)


The Saucy that Ate Cincinnati

First of all, I hate drop shoulders, though they're arguably the easiest to knit. (Down in front, Circulars People! I know top-down in the round is easy, but it can be daunting for someone emerging from scarfdom.) Personally, I don't have the need for underarm padding, and I hate the look of the join being on the bicep.

Mom found the pattern* in a local LYS with the yarn (Reynolds' Saucy), and I'm wild about most of the vibrant colors. Unfortunately it includes babyshit-olive on both mom and toddler. (Surprise! Just like in real life!)

Only the dad looks trim, in his vest. See what I mean about drop shoulders? Frankly, I don't know who... or what the toddler's sweater would fit. It certainly doesn't fit her. But Alex liked drop shoulders, so I did the adult pullover... after a lovely Crayola-scented, spectrum-contemplating meditation.

*(Not revealing pattern details!  Just showing the starting palette :>)

Alex has been a good sport about
modeling Woolnerwear for me
all these years.


Here's the requisite item from that poncho madness a few years ago:




This is the Garter Stitch Monet shawl from Knitter's Magazine, Spring '01, alternating one strand of mohair and one strand of Berocco's Glace ribbon yarn. Ribbon yarn isn't for the fainthearted--it slides like oiled eels; there is no winding it in a ball. I finally used an old lace reel (the sides prevented it from sliding off). The shawl is less opaque than it looks in this shot.

   Monet shawl

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