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This site is a WIP (work in progress). It's a gallery of my knitting - everything that was photographed, at least. I have hopes to separate out the projects I designed, rewrite the patterns and post them here - although the garments should probably have instructions for several sizes. Frankly, I'm not looking forward to the math.


It's a long story.

I'm a southpaw American who knits English rightie. (Mom is the same; you have to pick your battles as a lefty, and it seemed crazy to buck the system on something so directional in nature.)

I have the added quirk of propping my right needle on the leg-crease of my jeans, or with dpns near my waist somewhere. That way my right hand is free and the left needle does 90% of the movement. I've been complimented on the evenness of my knitting {blush}, which baffles me because I knit exactly one needle-size too loose. And my speed varies. Sometimes weeks go by when it seems too much effort to pick up neckline stitches, yet I've been known to knit all the way through a weekend (and need to be talked into sleeping).

Beating the handedness issue into the ground: I'm not at the far left of the spectrum, but my best penmanship effort with my wrong hand looks like a (challenged) second-grader's. I'm not ambidextrous. My left hand has plenty to do with "crowd control" of the stitches in action. Throwing yarn around the right-needle "flagpole" and yanking the yarn up are gross motor skills... suited to my gross right hand!

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